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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

World Change

     The Garden Party states that Gardening is perhaps more satisfying than Music. Not owning the land takes nothing out of the pleasure of caretaking a piece of dirt and gardening. If we would all just quite doing all the unnecessary stuff, the useless work, dump the ridiculous school system, drop money and land claims, do the necessary work, apply common sense, we would all be better off and our environment would improve. So where is the land for willing bodies to move on and garden? What do we expect young people to do? Get a job killing the environment for 30 years to pay for land to garden and save the environment? Stewardship, good stewardship is what is important, ownership will be irrelevant in the future, the Garden Party embraces that concept, now. It is our position and our practice. So give it up, and let's get on with the future.

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