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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

White Chanterelles

     The coast rain forest is dry, some big Douglas Fir trees are showing brown needles, some say stress, lack of moisture.  A creek where we have picked yellow chanterelles for a couple of decades is showing all it stones this year. Have no memory of seeing it completely dry. Picked 20 LB of white Chanterelles Monday afternoon. Moved to a spot to look for young yellow ones. Waking up in the patch, what will the world present tomorrow? The result of all that happened Today. Went to a auto insurance today to get plates transferred, for a fee of course.  And to pay sales taxes for purchase of replacement truck. Useless jobs, collecting useless data, calling it a job, and charging fees to fund the stupid jobs. Every department of government grows empires, just like run away cancer, consuming everybody. Insurance causes accidents, and how many get killed every day driving to pay for their life insurance policy.
     Our advice to all agents working at useless jobs, quit, and grow a garden or do something sensible, so the rest of us survivors don't have to waste our time or the resources to maintain towers built to worship BS. Enforced by The Law. SEPT 21st, World Reprieve Day, from mass insanity, World Do Nothing Day, only a nut would miss it.

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