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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wars of Distraction

    Our biggest enemy may be our own government. Out and about fighting terrorists and making more, while at home social conditions degrade, farming practices are poisoning the whole Eco system, resources are being ripped from the ground and wasted, corruption runs from the foot soldier to the prime minister, more people are dumped homeless on the street every year since the soup kitchens started increasing twenty years ago, the entire fiscal monitory system a sham, where are the anti-depressants? Aaah that's better, bad news is always good news for drug dealers, they specialize in pain killers, however they only complicate the causes without correcting the problem. Indeed often create a far worse situation. Half of the old people on Dumb You Out Pills. More bored kids on Numb You Out Pills, but hey, we got Gladiator Games to watch and Terrorists to fight. Forget about your concerns, take a pill and let the experts do their job. 
      Well the Experts have had a long run and the results are in, they appear unfit to  maintain a outhouse, and are in desperate need of retraining.  Their retirement package includes a hoe and shovel and anti sprout treated potatoes for seed, happy pills not included.

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