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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Money is Finished.

     The making of money is why we have wars going on right now.  Refugee camps exist because of money. The ravaged environment dirty water sick people can be blamed on money, which is why the Garden Party is declaring all money less than worthless. We are eliminating it as a measuring stick of real value.  The value of a bulb of Garlic always remains the same worth, the value someone puts on money, needs a believer,  No Believers in The Garden Party.  
     Believers of the Holy Money, your biggest fear has arrived. All money is worthless and the process of composting money has started. Use it all up on things you will need, shovels and such. Shiny bits of yellow stones may not get you a bulb of Garlic either. Useless jobs no doubt will be gone, and good riddance. All those poor slaves wasting their short lives keeping track of numbers with no mathematical integrity can now enjoy Gardening. 

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