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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Money Accumulation.

     All you people with piles of ill gotten gain,  you too will inherit tomorrow. The world is in a social and environmental mess and if it is not at your front door yet, it will be if we continue our present course, locally and internationally. 
     What is done is done, and can't be undone. To attempt to get control of  Government, change all the entrenched civil service, make laws to get rid of laws, under a process of never ending arguments, at best all we might  accomplish would be to little to late.  To go through the process of fixed elections is just another delay, to the work that needs doing. The people of the world need to eat, the Garden Party started work on another community garden today in another yard. Expect to plant some Garlic Tuesday. Local control of our food supply is necessary to cut out the waste and eat healthy food free from corporate chemicals. We need the land made available, bases for people to work from free from rent.  We are willing to start garden projects anywhere in BC. One shovel at a time, we will make a garden to feed the people. Spin-off benefits of Gardens to many to list. Spin off benefits of Money, none comes to mind. Dig in. BC FEEDS BC IN EIGHT YEARS.

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