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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lost Faith in Humanity?

     A first time visitor to the garden today made the statement " that he has lost his faith in humanity to change their path to self destruction, but that he is still trying to leave a small footprint on the environment". The garden will make the footprint a little smaller, every little bit added up makes a big bit. Some people may not try to decrease their footprint much because they view the planet going to hell, and there is not much they can do about it. Many other people work on ideas constantly to turn things around, knowing the status quot will be throwing fits and bricks. Big changes are happening in increasing numbers of little bits not much noticed. Like local foods and increasing numbers of young Gardeners who have a chance of becoming Old Gardeners.
    Monsanto is quite aware that opposition to their GMOs and killer chemicals is reaching critical mass. They will soon be forced out of business everywhere, the sooner the better.  Business as usual, no longer applies anywhere in the world. Our Faith in Humanity doubles with every little bit of new action to correction, avoid the rush, do your bit, grow a garden. Need help, give us a call, just doing our little bit, to stimulate the rush.

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