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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looking at birds, watching bugs.

     How boring it is, listening to stories of personal past glories from garden visitors. The only thing they will likely remember is that I told the retired RCMP, and three of his cousins, that the pot leaves that we're drying on a table were broccoli before they looked. It was my best moment of the visit, but of course we are expecting more unexpected visitors. Dumb Laws may have to be challenged in court to get rid of them, but we Gardeners have better things to do than feed all the people feeding off the 'Criminal Justice System.'  Any plant that grows is a gift of life for all of us. Don't know where or when it started, making a plant illegal to grow, but it ends with The Garden Party officially on Sept 21st, International Holiday For All Slaves. Freedom at least one day a month from mass insanity would be nice.
     Going mushroom hunting in the morning. Back to watching the bugs for now, still legal.

    12 hours under water, aphids still alive.

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