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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GP Composts NATO.

    The Garden Party Self Government of Canada considers NATO fit for the compost. We know the way to Peace is home grown potatoes so we are investing in Food Not Bombs. We are on our way to be able to feed all Canadians beans and potatoes in 71/4 years. There may be a temporary backlash from the middle class when the only banks left are food banks but we expect a peaceful transition to a food based economy.  Our seed supply has multiplied a hundred fold this year while golf courses and gambling establishments fold with the fiscal economy. We are finally making progress. Our First National Bank of Rootcellars are loaded, and returns are expected to be good. So withdraw your investments from gladiator games and military industries, Food Banks are the fastest growing industry, at least in Canada. Our Minister of Finance has worked overtime balancing books on his head, and claims he will get them balanced before the next Fixed Federal Election. His Team of Numerologists are applying a new 'crazy glue' to his head hoping to convince Canadians to keep the monopoly game going.

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