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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Trade Agreements

     NAFTA got dumped in the compost  by The Peoples Self Government of Western Canada today, at a high level summit in the Rocky Mountains. The vote was unanimous. The Garden Party of Canada made it official; the only food  at all their New Garden Golf Courses will be local. NAFTA is part of the attempted theft by corporate empires of all lands. Looks like the good old days of Royalty and Serfs, except now,  it is The Land Lords and Cash Slaves. Administered, policed and protected by the Middle Class, for the Lords of the Land by Law, and enforced by military, composed mostly of the poor under orders of officers connected to the New Royalty, where Money is God. 
    Bye Nothing for one month, collapse it all, good reason to grow a garden, ready or not, change or go extinct,  The Garden Party is being dragged along, but resistance is building, gardens are growing, community is forming. People are empowering themselves, a new day is at hand. Want to Dance?

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