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Saturday, September 6, 2014

BC Teachers Strike.

     Schools are not all bad, but any Gardener could do a better job than the School Programing Camps of British Columbia are doing.  In fact anyone can teach from their life experience. But for the most part the teachers of today went to school, got programmed, passed the program exams, and are now programming the kids, passing the ones who best fulfill memorizing today's program. Different programs for the lower, middle, and upper classes in BC, Not much difference across the country.  The result is the same, most people get their real education when they are not in school.
     So the Garden Party suggests that BC Teachers Stay On Strike as long as possible, and the Dumber than a bag of hammers Liberal (in name only) Party of BC should cut teachers pay in half.  Have a long strike. That way the kids have more opportunity to learn something more than the gobble-de-gook they are fed in school, while the world is run by $numbers with no mathematical integrity. By the time most kids get though our education system, they are too stupid to reason, they know a lot and understand little. 
     When Doctors went on Strike the death dropped, so we deduct, that the longer the Teachers are on strike the smarter the kids will get. Teachers of BC, Keep up the good non-work, it makes our Minister for More Unemployment feel good. The Minister considers all people on strike, unemployed. All Teachers could grow a garden. The Garden Party is giving free classes for Teachers and if they do their homework, they can eat their diploma on graduation and know something real to teach kids. It is amazing what you can do with a Garden.

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