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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Money Accumulation.

     All you people with piles of ill gotten gain,  you too will inherit tomorrow. The world is in a social and environmental mess and if it is not at your front door yet, it will be if we continue our present course, locally and internationally. 
     What is done is done, and can't be undone. To attempt to get control of  Government, change all the entrenched civil service, make laws to get rid of laws, under a process of never ending arguments, at best all we might  accomplish would be to little to late.  To go through the process of fixed elections is just another delay, to the work that needs doing. The people of the world need to eat, the Garden Party started work on another community garden today in another yard. Expect to plant some Garlic Tuesday. Local control of our food supply is necessary to cut out the waste and eat healthy food free from corporate chemicals. We need the land made available, bases for people to work from free from rent.  We are willing to start garden projects anywhere in BC. One shovel at a time, we will make a garden to feed the people. Spin-off benefits of Gardens to many to list. Spin off benefits of Money, none comes to mind. Dig in. BC FEEDS BC IN EIGHT YEARS.

Money is Finished.

     The making of money is why we have wars going on right now.  Refugee camps exist because of money. The ravaged environment dirty water sick people can be blamed on money, which is why the Garden Party is declaring all money less than worthless. We are eliminating it as a measuring stick of real value.  The value of a bulb of Garlic always remains the same worth, the value someone puts on money, needs a believer,  No Believers in The Garden Party.  
     Believers of the Holy Money, your biggest fear has arrived. All money is worthless and the process of composting money has started. Use it all up on things you will need, shovels and such. Shiny bits of yellow stones may not get you a bulb of Garlic either. Useless jobs no doubt will be gone, and good riddance. All those poor slaves wasting their short lives keeping track of numbers with no mathematical integrity can now enjoy Gardening. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Elections in a Democracy.

     A Canadian Experience. Three Levels of Government.  Municipal, Provincial, Federal. Colossal work force.  Big voting block. Biggest in Provincial Capitals such as Victoria BC. The Governments are the biggest employers, and Incumbents are in a position to influence the employees to gain their vote. After all, the workers want to keep their jobs, even if they are unnecessary and wasteful. With the low turn outs at elections, especially at the Municipal Level, if most of the government slaves vote, most of the rest of the people, the Majority 60% don't, the civil service choose winners. Just another little 'fix' of elections. Of course media also is a part of the 'fix', ignoring candidates that don't profit their business or might even lower their income if elected by cutting out government propaganda ads.  Hold the course, media are in propaganda business for one reason, profits. There are a lot of little 'fixes' going on in all the elections by all the crime mobs, parties, real estate boards, chambers of commerce, even environmental fundations. The structure is set, the cancer continues to grow. One possibility of change would be to vote out all incumbents, every election. A better possibility would be to develop a form of government from the sweet grass roots, or the garden. After all, in a real democracy, everybody has equal say, is equally valid, broke or loaded. Well, the evidence is in, the more loaded you get, the more equal you become,. Expect some hangovers, but they will all feel better when they find out what they have been missing, less. Keep the low seat, when you fall, it won't hurt much.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

World Movement Call

     The Garden Party is calling for Individual action around the world, to stop buying and selling, apply common sense, and work our way to compost all money. It is a obstacle to making the changes that are necessary for sustainable life and in many cases a direct cause of our Social and Environmental Mess.  
     Face The Music, The North American Life Style, is Not Sustainable. As a matter of fact most people are already sick of their life style, to much to maintain, no time to enjoy, working a life time for a house when a shack could make a home, but, stupid laws, regulations, and land claims force everybody to buckle up the to the chain gang for 10 hours a day. It is not surprising that anti-depressants are big business. Wars, disasters, waste are good for the fiscal economy.  After detail Garden Party Government Study on necessary and useless work, it was discovered that 89% of necessary work was cleaning up the mess made by the unnecessary work. 85 % of jobs are useless, all jobs under present administration create spin off jobs, like building toll bridges for the buckled up chain gangs to pay for ten times over, driving to service mass insanity.  Quit useless wasteful make work jobs, there is a way, and the Garden Party is on the way out. 
   little garlic patch, just planted.
   Fresh Peas

Gardens This Week

     Mushrooms are up all over BC by now.  Yellow chanterelles will be coming up but still small on Vancouver Island, white Chanterelles and lobster would be up. Not planning to go picking mushrooms this week. Will decide Monday. 
    Good time to plant garlic now on the coast. We have extra garlic for planting, 5090 West Saanich Rd.  BC FEEDS BC IN 8 YEARS.

New Relocated World Order

     It's been a Gorilla Coup, escaped all spy networks, like a thief in the night it came unseen except for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The garden party is dug in 244 countries and is in the process of establishing The Relocated New World Order Government. Decisions are being made everywhere on what to keep and what to compost. Borders are being removed from all gardens, now we have one big garden, need some ideas on what to do with the piece of dirt you are care taking? Open it up for community gardens, you have the Garden Party Permission, Organic of course. Free seed  and plants (kale, chard, rhubarb, raspberry, grapes).

We all stand on the sideline and watch.

    When the Fraud Elected Prime Minister of Canada states that 'we' will not stand on the sidelines and watch, and that is where this Elected Government has put Canadians, who are 'we'? From the sidelines we call it Harper's Party, no doubt there are some special guests who are doing more than just watching. The growing number of homeless on the sidelines might join the military to get off the street. They will be put on the ground in the front line to fight the front line of others who got rescued from their sideline, to fight a enemy made for them. The Garden Party Demands Immediate Surrender of all Military, turn your Tanks into Shovels.   Punishment for Refusal to Surrender is; Extinction.
     Message from the Garden Party, Official Unelected Government of Canada, the New Relocated World Order, from the ground, up. All new production of war junk is now against the Law. Dig In.  
     Planted garlic today and ate from a new crop of edible pod peas. War is Hell, send it to the compost. Now, Let's 'we' get off the sidelines and clean up this mess.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Mushrooms, Revelstoke BC

     Wild Products, right now fresh wild mushrooms, pines, white chanterelles, purple plums and more are in available Revelstoke, from Kyle and  Meagon at 250-814-7009, or call Louis at 604 928 3663 for more information on how to change the world, and get fresh mushroom in Vancouver and Victoria. Jay might get you local mushrooms in Sooke by the basket, try calling him at 250 812 4495
     If you have a interest it learning to pick mushrooms to provide your community that you are building, and like the bush, Louis is offering his 20 years picking experience to help get you started this season. Learning pickers must be self reliant. For more info call Louis 604-928-3663.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Mushrooms

Old mans hat, chanterelles, bears head, Granville Island Market, sold out of pines, no dried morels, may not be in next week, garden work to do.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Market Tues. Wed. Thur.

Fresh young pine mushrooms, lobster, white chanterelles, gorgeous bears head, and a box of mountain prune plums, perfect for drying.  This week two extra days with our irregular Thursday.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Evolving Garden Party

     Moving faster than the speed of the Internet.  Recent Advances unreported and documented are already in the compost of history for the Garden Party.  Today in the cold mountains we found a couple of encouraging signs of possible things to come in one mushroom patch.  We are teaching the teachers.  One of their occupations will be going to communities around the province to teach people about their local edible mushrooms, where to find them, what is good and bad, heard that one before, how to process for quality, teach what we know and keep learning. We are offering this service to South Eastern BC Now. We can handle our costs in this area. Those who want to take part have to sustain themselves with their own transportation. We will evolve. We will talk about much more than just the mushrooms. Another free service from The New Self Government of BC, The Garden Party, Books Are Balanced, no Tax Dollars Spent, No Taxes Collected, budget Zero, debt Zero, Money is Zero. We are in the process of replacing money with common sense, we got rid of the penny, no pain, so get rid of the rest. Only people that work for nothing of value need it, and nobody needs what they work for, and if we are not for sale and we also know that all of the money is not worth a single pea seed, all those people with lots and lots of nothing, this may be a little hard to take, you have nothing.  The scam exposed, the king has no cloths,  when you make something out of nothing, that can only be in the imaginary mind it appears to be substance, no matter what is believed, nothing is still nothing, and many people still working their butts off, for more nothing.
     Everybody take a break SEPT. 21st Third World Relax Day, all day and night. World Holiday!  And just try and withdraw all your belief out of the bank, they don't have any belief in their vaults, we know that because that's where the Garden Party Stores Potatoes. Recently proved in Victoria, a bank nearly crashed when a depositor requested five thousand dollars in cash. put the bank in danger of claiming bankruptcy. The depositor saved the bank,  cutting his withdrawal in half, but now is quietly pulling out all beliefs in smaller amounts and spending them before they become what they always were, nothing. Happy Nothing Day. Sept 21st.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Will be late to market

     Will try to catch first ferry at 7am, should be there by 10am.  Have fresh white chants.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Mushroom Pick

     A couple lbs of young yellow chanterelles, and 25 lbs of whites. They will be at Granville Public Market in Vancouver on Thursday. Perhaps a couple of young people learning picking will also be there. We will be out picking 'something', hopefully, for next week.

White Chanterelles

     The coast rain forest is dry, some big Douglas Fir trees are showing brown needles, some say stress, lack of moisture.  A creek where we have picked yellow chanterelles for a couple of decades is showing all it stones this year. Have no memory of seeing it completely dry. Picked 20 LB of white Chanterelles Monday afternoon. Moved to a spot to look for young yellow ones. Waking up in the patch, what will the world present tomorrow? The result of all that happened Today. Went to a auto insurance today to get plates transferred, for a fee of course.  And to pay sales taxes for purchase of replacement truck. Useless jobs, collecting useless data, calling it a job, and charging fees to fund the stupid jobs. Every department of government grows empires, just like run away cancer, consuming everybody. Insurance causes accidents, and how many get killed every day driving to pay for their life insurance policy.
     Our advice to all agents working at useless jobs, quit, and grow a garden or do something sensible, so the rest of us survivors don't have to waste our time or the resources to maintain towers built to worship BS. Enforced by The Law. SEPT 21st, World Reprieve Day, from mass insanity, World Do Nothing Day, only a nut would miss it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2016 Olympics Canceled.

     The Garden Party of Canada will definitely not be participation in the 2016 Gladiator Games. A recent Olympian hopeful visitor to the Garden has the next two years tied up with training to row a boat. If he is any good at it he could spend years, his prime of life to win a metal. Certainly rowing a boat with skill could be valuable knowledge for a fisherman, but if it is metal he seeks we would offer a iron shovel, much more practical than years competing for a heavy Gold Metal to tie on your neck.  Wound up and spending years abusing your body for money or glory and what is the real value? Now with a shovel, it is easy to see the value,  especially when superman is hungry.

Looking at birds, watching bugs.

     How boring it is, listening to stories of personal past glories from garden visitors. The only thing they will likely remember is that I told the retired RCMP, and three of his cousins, that the pot leaves that we're drying on a table were broccoli before they looked. It was my best moment of the visit, but of course we are expecting more unexpected visitors. Dumb Laws may have to be challenged in court to get rid of them, but we Gardeners have better things to do than feed all the people feeding off the 'Criminal Justice System.'  Any plant that grows is a gift of life for all of us. Don't know where or when it started, making a plant illegal to grow, but it ends with The Garden Party officially on Sept 21st, International Holiday For All Slaves. Freedom at least one day a month from mass insanity would be nice.
     Going mushroom hunting in the morning. Back to watching the bugs for now, still legal.

    12 hours under water, aphids still alive.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wars of Distraction

    Our biggest enemy may be our own government. Out and about fighting terrorists and making more, while at home social conditions degrade, farming practices are poisoning the whole Eco system, resources are being ripped from the ground and wasted, corruption runs from the foot soldier to the prime minister, more people are dumped homeless on the street every year since the soup kitchens started increasing twenty years ago, the entire fiscal monitory system a sham, where are the anti-depressants? Aaah that's better, bad news is always good news for drug dealers, they specialize in pain killers, however they only complicate the causes without correcting the problem. Indeed often create a far worse situation. Half of the old people on Dumb You Out Pills. More bored kids on Numb You Out Pills, but hey, we got Gladiator Games to watch and Terrorists to fight. Forget about your concerns, take a pill and let the experts do their job. 
      Well the Experts have had a long run and the results are in, they appear unfit to  maintain a outhouse, and are in desperate need of retraining.  Their retirement package includes a hoe and shovel and anti sprout treated potatoes for seed, happy pills not included.