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Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Want Comment

     Where are we at, what are you working on to bring about the world change that is necessary, we invite constructive criticism, we can change collectively shown a better way. 
     We see a way, where we live, to change everything, with modification of actions and methods, this could be applied everywhere. Perhaps many people see the same things as we do. Discussion Anyone? Perhaps we could be helpful to what you are working on.  Comment on this Blog to connect from anywhere, it is one world, we are all related to the origin of the human species, one big screwed up family, but family all the same. Ukrainian/ Russian, Jew/Muslim, Terrorist/Prime Minister, Democracy/Dictatorship one Big Crazy Family. We have work to undo. Get in touch.
    Open Pit Mining our 2 year old compost.
    After screening out elections, corporations, coin operated politicians,
    We have the gold.

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  1. sorry I missed you in Ottawa - neither of us made it by the looks of it :-)