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Friday, August 1, 2014

Socks, safer than Banks.

     "The 'bail-in' procedure was approved by the G-20 nations at their summit meeting in 2009, and was formally implemented for Canada in Harper's 2013 Federal Budget passed on June 10."
      What that means is that if your bank fails, with it's spending or bad  investments, or there is a Global Financial Crash you could lose your deposits to 'bail-in' your bank.  Even your so called Government Insured Deposits can be used to bail out your bank. So can any pension funds. As soon as there is a run on major banks they shut down. Beware, Banks may have already spend all your deposits on themselves  Socks are safer than Banks today, they always have been.
      We recommend clay pot projects, we have a few thousand still empty.

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