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Friday, August 8, 2014

Let's Get Serious.

     We are talking about changing the world. If you are losing interest reading this blog already, that's fine, we only do this to talk to ourselves as we figure out how to accomplish our goals. Which is to get the world moving in a direction to correction, while we are still alive to see that happening. How about you?
     'Direction to Correction', respect for our natural environment, harmony in all peoples lives. There are changes that happen on this planet outside of human control, of which some are human made. People need the ability and skills to adapt. Climate change is here, it will give us many unexpected challenges and opportunities. But humans are involved in creating many possible and probable disasters. and are vulnerable to them.  Daily some politician, CEO, or expert saying sorry after the fact, not our fault,  and they will make sure it won't happen again. And that is when a dam brakes, another Nuclear Plant Melts Down, thousands get sick from medical treatments, or a train load of fuels blow up in a town. There is no longer a safe place wherever modern man lives, we have become our own worst enemy.
     As individuals we can affect a change but we are working against the collective momentium of systems that require growth by waste and consumption. Overcoming power structures that will use the law or the gun to maintain their positions of control is a challenge we have to overcome to bring into play our goals of sustainability, peace and justice. 
     Direct action may or may not always give us the desired results, and may add to the flames, increase the oppression etc.  The Garden Party has found a method that feels positive, but requires participation of a larger part of the population to impact and reverse our present 'rip and tear the planet up for monetary gain', so we welcome discussion, and hope to motivate more positive action.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, demonstrations must be worth a thousand pictures.  So we continue to put words about the pictures of our demonstrations, and Hope that enough of Humanity will participate in actions that will set in play A NEW DIRECTION FOR HUMANITY. Don't wait for Spring.

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  1. We have a 145 yr record of farming weather events, we live by the farmers Almanac because it has a 145 yr record of being precisely correct, There is no Global warming or weather change, the weekly rains are normal, the hay in field this year is the normal quantity, the stems on the branches are the same length for the past 30yrs on the tree I checked, the growth rings are the same width each year, the only difference this year was an additional rain in the week, (2 light rains as opposed to one heavy rain per week). The farmers almanac did not predict Weather change and has no mention of it, yet mainstream News never mentions the Farmer's Almanac as it does not agree with them, yet again, the Farmer's Almanac, predicted the weather to a tee again this year, go figure!!!!! A Hole in one again, Farmer's Almanac!