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Monday, August 18, 2014

Gardens Destroyed

     Corporate Capitalism, Canadian Pacific Railway is destroying gardens that have been growing along a abandoned rail line in Vancouver BC. Local Gardening, the very thing we need lots more of is really being attacked because of profits. The land is likely to be sold and the less people can grow the more shipping of food means greater profits. There are many benefits to growing local gardens, healthy independent food supply, sustainable environment, exercise etc. Corporate Food is trying to take over the food supply, control the seeds and rake in the profits with their monoculture toxic foods.  Gardeners of Vancouver, the least you can do is protect your gardens till harvest is done. 
      The goal of the Garden Party of Canada now is to Nationalize CPR, and grow Gardens on all Railway lines and completely halt the use of herbicides.  We may have to enter into the Fixed Elections to get rid of Corporate serving coin operated politicians. What the CPR is doing is criminal, crimes against humanity and the environment, legal or not, it is still criminal what they are doing, wiping out gardens, upsetting and stopping people doing right actions. We suggest that people take over all the unused lines everywhere and make Gardens. We have lots of seeds to get started, don't let Corporations take over one inch of dirt, if anyone wants to replace their ripped up garden in Vancouver our Emergency Response Team is still small but ready with shovels. 

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