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Friday, August 8, 2014

Garden Party Embargo.

     The Garden Party, the broken shovel Government of Canada has placed a Embargo on all USA Food. Of course we fired all our useless customs officers as well as the border guards, so if you want to risk your life and get some lemons from the USA, exercise free trade. 
     Fortunately we already filled all orders to Russia of our famous Putin Pea Seed before Putin put a ban imports of Canadian Food Products. We found the most efficient way to fill the Russian demand for our Canadian Pea Seed was to grow them in Russia. So bans and embargoes and borders can not stop us from filling our orders in Russia. We will grow and distribute Canadian Pea Seed in Russia, grown by Russians of course. The Garden Party is unstoppable, and we have 885 spies in Russia that have Planted Seeds for a late harvest, Putin Pea Police have not even noticed the three inch tall Canadian Pea Plants growing and multiplying in Russia right now, just like Belarus, we are opportunists. RUSSIA FEEDS RUSSIA IN 71/2 YEARS.

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