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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Creating a Garden

    Third year of a garden started in a pile of boulders with six instant compost planer pots. Our first nursery crop was Garlic. All that garlic was saved and planted again. We harvested a thousand bulbs this year,  keeping the best half for replanting.  The shallots increased to three kilo from a hand full two years ago, all are being kept for replanting to build up the stock, plus, we will have shallot seed this year.  All 100 fig plants have been given away, but can supply cuttings. Lots of bean and pea seed, with a second crop coming up.  Keeping most of the seven varieties of potatoes so far harvested, about 50K. We have grapes.on four of the Two year old vines started in pots. Expect lots of grapes next year, 150 plants, 7 varieties. Will have cuttings of them all available next Spring.  Have lots of Kale plants just coming up for winter crop. Rhubarb, Horse Radish, red raspberry. Sun chokes. Ready to go, from The Garden Party Community Nursery at 5090 west Sannich rd. Want to set up a nursery in your community? We can help you get started, call our emergency response number 1 604.928,3663.  Canada's Self Government on the job 24/7, turning water into grapes, dirt into carrots, bank building into root cellars, composting all useless jobs, silly borders, and coin operated politicians. At your service. 
    UKRAINE, JUST GROUND YOUR TROOPS, grow a garden, that way nothing is getting destroyed. A bigger military means you will have less chance of throwing out another corrupt leader. Stop the fighting, the world does not need another 100,000 dead and crippled. Try the ordinary way of resolving the mess. Talking, in the garden.

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