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Sunday, August 31, 2014

BC Garden School Starts Thursday.

      No Strikes by teachers, No fraud elected Government involvement, Occupation Apple Tree of BC is open for classes dawn to dusk 7 days a week. We are replacing the concentration camps for kids called schools, and inviting elders in concentration camps for the elderly who have gardening skills to become the teachers. The Schools of BC and most of Canada destroy kids ability to reason. They neglect learning of life skills and make incompetent adults. Starting out kids with fairy tales and nonsense as a foundation for a education, it is not surprising to see that most University Graduates with Paper Degrees unable to grow a garden, cook the food, or properly wash dishes.
     However we are constantly being approached by young adults who have a desire to till the soil, who also need places to live. Ideally, living where they garden. In the mean time, we continue to expand our present garden/nursery. With young muscle help today, 80 large planter pots got prepared at our Saanich location. Our non commercial agriculture enterprise  is expected to increase at least 10 fold this coming year. 200 lbs potatoes this year, 2000 next year. Running Monsanto into the compost of history, the Garden Party is growing daily. We can quickly mobilize to caretake small and large pieces of dirt, our roots are going deep on Vancouver Island, grape vines are travelling. If you are ready for a world change, get on with it.

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