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Friday, August 1, 2014

Ad Spending

     According to 1998 UN Human Development Report, the growth in global ad spending "now outpaces the growth of the world economy by one-third."(taken out of Naomi Klein book "No Logo.") $435 Billion Advertising  In 1998. 200 Billion in USA. Today it could be double. 
     A huge industry that is about to crash into the compost pile, so pull all your pension funds out everything connected to Advertizing. Pulp mill towns will take a big hit, not a good time to buy real estate in Paper Mill Towns. There will be lots of empty offices that could be converted to temporary housing for unemployed office workers taking life skills training. Of course every time a industry goes to the compost there are a lot of services jobs that dry up all the way back to the miner and logger. We in the Garden Party see all this unemployment as Good News. Good news for the natural environment, and more people to grow a local food supply, something of Value. BC FEEDS BC IN 7 1/2 Years. Expect more Big Box Junk Stores in Canada and US to Shut Down. China will feel the pruning. Our boycott of big box of junk stores that sell Monsanto products, like Target and Walmart, will be closing down more outlets soon. Can't Stop Progress. 

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