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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

180 Degree View

     If 'more' is good, then 'less' is better. Setting out in life, the program was to get lots. Setting out for death, less is the desire. Life is valuable, time is short, the mind is active, looking for ways to  widen a crack, to bring some sanity into the world.
     So, if 'less' is better, then we do not need much, we have little to take care of thus have more time for life, since we work less for money to buy things we don't want. Most Buying is subliminal directed.  Advertising Industry Budgets are probably big as the Military, you do understand what that army is hired to do? They must be successful, their armies are bigger than the Military. So we suggest that we hire a  Advertising Agency to convince everyone to want less. Just Kidding, we would never hire a advertising agency.  Those two armies we can compost, certainly neither is wanted in the near future. Work for them?  Service them? If you do be proactive, jump ship, both boats are rotten and are going to sink out of common practise.
    We Insist. This message from the garden, busy place today, tours, not a ripe tomato left. 

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