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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Land Grab: Israel/Russia/IsIs.

     When Russia takes Crimea Harper sends threats and jets to aid Ukraine. When Israel takes more land on the West Bank, Canada's Fraud Prime Minister Harper backs Israel. When Fundatmental  nuts like IsIs kills more than a hundred thousand people and take their land, Harper could care less. Where are the Sanctions against Israel? How many made in Canada munitions are the the hands of IsIs? Where are all the made in Canada arms being sold and traded, we know that big contracts for military equipment to Russia have been cancelled, or diverted. Money has no conscious.
    The Garden Party of Canada is formally placing a full on sanctions on all military industries. No services, no deliveries, and definitely no potatoes.

BC Garden School Starts Thursday.

      No Strikes by teachers, No fraud elected Government involvement, Occupation Apple Tree of BC is open for classes dawn to dusk 7 days a week. We are replacing the concentration camps for kids called schools, and inviting elders in concentration camps for the elderly who have gardening skills to become the teachers. The Schools of BC and most of Canada destroy kids ability to reason. They neglect learning of life skills and make incompetent adults. Starting out kids with fairy tales and nonsense as a foundation for a education, it is not surprising to see that most University Graduates with Paper Degrees unable to grow a garden, cook the food, or properly wash dishes.
     However we are constantly being approached by young adults who have a desire to till the soil, who also need places to live. Ideally, living where they garden. In the mean time, we continue to expand our present garden/nursery. With young muscle help today, 80 large planter pots got prepared at our Saanich location. Our non commercial agriculture enterprise  is expected to increase at least 10 fold this coming year. 200 lbs potatoes this year, 2000 next year. Running Monsanto into the compost of history, the Garden Party is growing daily. We can quickly mobilize to caretake small and large pieces of dirt, our roots are going deep on Vancouver Island, grape vines are travelling. If you are ready for a world change, get on with it.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Point of no return? Ukraine.

Whose Point of No Return?  The Garden Party of Canada is wondering if for some insane reason Western Powers want a crisis, or even a major war, to avoid a pending complete financial collapse. For whatever the reason, it appears that the Present Canadian Fraud Elected Prime Minister, and his Boys are helping to create a situation that is now killing Ukrainians and Russians. And they are pushing further, throw these Nuts out of Office, before our Gardens Get Bombed.

G P Golf Course

   Golf Courses.  Where the important meetings happen to make plans, deals, or pass on inside information. To survive at the top, you need like friends, the climb is for the ruthless. The Garden Party is now laying out its first Garden Golf Course, after all, it is in the Garden where we have our very most important meetings, non of that waste paper in the office.  What can you do in an office but try to get a free carrot from the farmer. Not for long, Office Workers, Be Forewarned, Massive Lay Offs Coming.  Get a shovel, and meet on the first Garden Golf Course. Sorry we can't publicly announce the location, some official will be telling us to give carrots to support useless jobs. Sorry, carrots for useless Jobs are unaffordable, otherwise free.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Shovels For Ukraine

     The Garden Party of Canada suggests sending garden tools for all of Ukraine, both sides of the silly territory war. Give all the hot air world leaders who are exchanging threats and sanctions a shovel as well, and send them home to learn from the ground up. That is where change is built. Trying to build from the top down is impossible.
     We simply say to ordinary people on all sides, refuse to participate in all war. Tell those calling for war, you are on your own, and if you are going to eat while you fight, you will have to grow your own food. That will keep them out of trouble at least half the time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Granville This Thursday

   A few fresh mushrooms, some dried, no morels. 
  Old Man's Hat.
    Pretty Flowers That We Left.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


     Communism is feared by Capitalism, not that there is a real Communist Country. According to the dictionary a Communist's actions would be for the benefit of the community over personal gain.  The Capitalist actions would be for personal gain over community benefit. Thus with money holding power, Capitalists holding Political power, the divide between rich and poor will continue to increase. Political control will go, perhaps has already gone, to those with the most numbers written on their foreheads. Of course if a few wealthy Russian so called Communists run the country, it has pretty much the same results on the ground as Capitalism.  The Garden Party follows No-ism as a preferred philosophy, but we hold our goods in common and have eliminated money from use between ourselves. The more of us that get together the less we use money. Now Capitalism is expected to be very afraid of No-ism, and we expect that No-ism to soon be condemned and attacked by waves of Isms, but no fear here in The Garden, where we can easily compost the whole works, and if they contain a Golden Thread, it will survive the compost.

Friday, August 22, 2014

There is no end.

     The world unfolds constantly, we all unfold the future with what we hang on to from the past. Between the done past  and undone future is where we are, to move forward we have to let go. What has worked and stood the test of time we keep, the rest we correct or simply drop. 
     The Garden Party of Canada and Beyond Government, has simply dropped The Crown as any authority in Canada.  We also dropped Harper's Government of Canada, but He is difficult to ignore, slowly easing in his unspoken agenda. His Constant Poking sticks at Putin could be like poking a stick at a bear that is eating berries.  What is Harper trying to unfold? Does Harper want to start another arms race with Russia? Who Suffers? The Russian People? We all suffer from State Conflicts, War. When you put any one in a position to speak for all, you put yourself in danger. Power has its own appetite. Opposition to Harper's policy, is soon suppressed or replaced, investigated, forgotten or just labeled terrorists. 
     The Garden Party future to unfold is we are making friends of all Russians and Ukrainians, and Russian Ukrainians. As we have said before, Mighty Mouse Harper would better serve the people if he fixed the shovel we broke and left on the parliament steps in July. And take up Gardening.

Mushroom Picking Trip

     Watered Garden today as we have had no rain and none expected. Making a mushroom picking and teaching trip and expect to have fresh wild mushrooms for Granville Public Market for next Thursday, possibly the start of a regular market every Thursday. Will post what has been found for market every Wednesday evening.
    Last Year pictures, king Bolete,
    White Chanterelles,

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shovels Without Borders

      What would a Gardener need a border for? We cannot find one good reason for borders today. When people get displaced and are forced to leave their home, most end up as refugee prisoners.  We are composting all borders, passports, immigration ministers, national governments and creating as much unemployment of useless activity as possible, to free up all those stressed out public slaves. Down with Slavery, up with Gardens.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ukraine Emergency Response

     Where are the resources to halt the Ebola Epidemic? Tied up in tanks, guns, drones, aircraft carriers, nuclear bombs and air fresheners?  Canadian Jets directed by Harper's Government are  patrolling Russian Borders asking for trouble.
     The Peoples Diplomatic Core of Canada, a branch of the Garden Party of Canada, is ready to meditate the conflict in the Ukraine and has the tools to accomplish the job. We are prepared for direct boots on shovels in the ground. It is apparent that the world's so called leaders are responsible for escalating tensions and they should be grounded. Quite trying to resolve stupid man made border disputes with guns and bombs. The time has come for ordinary people around the world to withdraw all support from anything that involves the military and the production of weapons of war. The world has millions of people in refugee camps, billions more living in poverty, environmental disasters pending enough to threaten all life on this planet and world leaders are wanting more weapons. Throw them all out. Conflicts can be and must be resolved without guns, the Garden Party is prepared for what all the Leaders and Guns have failed to accomplish, WORLD PEACE! Grow a Garden.

Gardens Destroyed

     Corporate Capitalism, Canadian Pacific Railway is destroying gardens that have been growing along a abandoned rail line in Vancouver BC. Local Gardening, the very thing we need lots more of is really being attacked because of profits. The land is likely to be sold and the less people can grow the more shipping of food means greater profits. There are many benefits to growing local gardens, healthy independent food supply, sustainable environment, exercise etc. Corporate Food is trying to take over the food supply, control the seeds and rake in the profits with their monoculture toxic foods.  Gardeners of Vancouver, the least you can do is protect your gardens till harvest is done. 
      The goal of the Garden Party of Canada now is to Nationalize CPR, and grow Gardens on all Railway lines and completely halt the use of herbicides.  We may have to enter into the Fixed Elections to get rid of Corporate serving coin operated politicians. What the CPR is doing is criminal, crimes against humanity and the environment, legal or not, it is still criminal what they are doing, wiping out gardens, upsetting and stopping people doing right actions. We suggest that people take over all the unused lines everywhere and make Gardens. We have lots of seeds to get started, don't let Corporations take over one inch of dirt, if anyone wants to replace their ripped up garden in Vancouver our Emergency Response Team is still small but ready with shovels. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Salt Spring Island

     Family of five, 12 year old girl, 10 year old twin boys skilled parents, ready to start gardens or take on a piece of property.  Kids in school, would like to stay on Salt Spring. 
     Time to open up land and let people get to work on the changes that have to happen if we are to expect a better world than the mess we have going on today. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Want Comment

     Where are we at, what are you working on to bring about the world change that is necessary, we invite constructive criticism, we can change collectively shown a better way. 
     We see a way, where we live, to change everything, with modification of actions and methods, this could be applied everywhere. Perhaps many people see the same things as we do. Discussion Anyone? Perhaps we could be helpful to what you are working on.  Comment on this Blog to connect from anywhere, it is one world, we are all related to the origin of the human species, one big screwed up family, but family all the same. Ukrainian/ Russian, Jew/Muslim, Terrorist/Prime Minister, Democracy/Dictatorship one Big Crazy Family. We have work to undo. Get in touch.
    Open Pit Mining our 2 year old compost.
    After screening out elections, corporations, coin operated politicians,
    We have the gold.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Creating a Garden

    Third year of a garden started in a pile of boulders with six instant compost planer pots. Our first nursery crop was Garlic. All that garlic was saved and planted again. We harvested a thousand bulbs this year,  keeping the best half for replanting.  The shallots increased to three kilo from a hand full two years ago, all are being kept for replanting to build up the stock, plus, we will have shallot seed this year.  All 100 fig plants have been given away, but can supply cuttings. Lots of bean and pea seed, with a second crop coming up.  Keeping most of the seven varieties of potatoes so far harvested, about 50K. We have grapes.on four of the Two year old vines started in pots. Expect lots of grapes next year, 150 plants, 7 varieties. Will have cuttings of them all available next Spring.  Have lots of Kale plants just coming up for winter crop. Rhubarb, Horse Radish, red raspberry. Sun chokes. Ready to go, from The Garden Party Community Nursery at 5090 west Sannich rd. Want to set up a nursery in your community? We can help you get started, call our emergency response number 1 604.928,3663.  Canada's Self Government on the job 24/7, turning water into grapes, dirt into carrots, bank building into root cellars, composting all useless jobs, silly borders, and coin operated politicians. At your service. 
    UKRAINE, JUST GROUND YOUR TROOPS, grow a garden, that way nothing is getting destroyed. A bigger military means you will have less chance of throwing out another corrupt leader. Stop the fighting, the world does not need another 100,000 dead and crippled. Try the ordinary way of resolving the mess. Talking, in the garden.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Special People Rule.

     Ordinary People, by far the majority, are mostly governed by Special People, a small minority.  Wars are started and directed by the Special People of opposing forces. The minority directs wars, the ordinary kill each other, the minority winner gets a prize. Oil, gold, bananas, cocaine, and lots of cash from the ordinary people's pocket to pay the war costs. 
     If the majority ordinary on both sides meet, most Wars would end immediately. To carry on letting the Minority Special People run the Ordinary Majority, warring will continue. So Ordinary People, meet, give direction to the 'Special Minority'. If they refuse. Go work in the Garden full time, in other words; GO ON STRIKE! 
     Start planning a Garden if you do not have one, Garden Party Broken Shovel Government of Canada, tax free advice and help if needed, we are building a large stock of seeds and plants. We can show Ordinary People how to have a small or large garden on any surface without costing one cent. We are willing to try showing Special People if we can get them close enough to the ground.

Monday, August 11, 2014

World Getting Armed.

     Where are all the people who are making the most money from arms living? We know Canadian Pension Funds are invested in the Arms for Sale business. All Pension funds should be pulled out of war toys for killing.  Instead of getting shot dead, Invest in land to Garden for living.  Find younger people wanting to Garden-Farm, that way, your pension is going create sensible jobs, shut down Monsanto, do wonders for the environment and you can eat  clean healthy local food till you drop dead.