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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wood Compost

  Our log, branch, weed, grass compost results are fantastic.  Best tool is patience. Two years after layering and growing the first year in pots on top of the compost, the second year potatoes, which we ate to get our fuel to dig it up and screen the compost, we have beautiful soil that any gardener would love. This could be done with big machines but we prefer hand work, combined with patience, for the best results and the least cost.  After removing the soil we start the process over putting large rotting pieces of wood on the bottom. They will likely be mostly soil in two or three years, this is where we will plant raspberries this year, raspberries love rotten wood and will likely not need any watering.  Our methods of composting are free from rodents and smell and produce high yield crops the first year. BC FEEDS BC IN EIGHT YEARS, start your wood compost and grow berry bushes on top.

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