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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The World Is A Mess

     It has been the case in the past, kill innocent ordinary people, and the relatives and friends that survive will hate the killers, sometimes, for generations.  The many ordinary people who don't have a axe to grind, who dislike all wars, who are more likely to help than shoot, need to put on their thinking hats and find ways to stop those causing wars. Wars are good for Business, the more destroyed, more needed, profits for the military industries are tremendous.  Shut them down.
     The Garden Party Represents The Majority, 52 percent Non-Voters in Canada.  We are building community from the bottom up. The top down structures of Government and Money,  know how to make wars, divide communities and be a obstacle to any real community coming about.  
      The Garden Party Found  a loop hole and jumped through before the rule makers could close it and declared Self Government.  We cannot possibly be worse than what we have now. And once more we are building real community from the ground. Everyday our one community is growing, and we are looking for more land for young and old gardeners.
     The easiest Mess to clean up is the one we don't make, and July 21st, Is World Buy Nothing Day, you have to get it, it's free.

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  1. Their job is to make us infuriated. Our job is to maintain our centers.