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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Best Deal For Your Land.

     Occupation Apple Tree will take any farmland available and turn it into a garden. We will increase the farm topsoil, and not poison it with herbicides and pesticides. All improvements will remain with the farm when we leave, or when requested to leave, should that happen. Our Goal is to achieve food self produced, at a local level, not to own the land or the production like corporate farms poisoning every inch of ground across the Canadian Prairie.
      We design our gardens with respect for all life forms. Some lands may be more important to leave for a nearly extinct wild chicken.  And we want Harper to stay out of there with his shovel, when somebody gives him one. The sooner the better, and we do hold Harper in the same bag as all the worlds leaders for sticking their noises into creating the mess in Ukraine thus also being responsible for the deaths of the people shot down in that jet. Let people settle their own problems, or do you prefer a world war?  What kind of nuts do we have as leaders?  Start wars and send the poor from all sides to fight each other while the profiteers can stay out of reach and spend their money.  A poor people's strike, that might be what we need to shut down all war and war mongers. Go on strike, why not July 22th, why have another bad day when you can have a good day in the garden.

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