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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Past Returns

      The Garden Party continues to Bring Back the Past.  We would like to restore and use this, apple juicer, for use next year, everyone can get a turn at the wheel, from then on you have jobs, and juice, and trees, and bees, and honey.  The main stucture is good, two leg bottoms will need spacers. The apple grinder box will have to be rebuilt but all parts could be used as a template. Maybe a job for a expert with a apprentice.  Might as well set up our own education system that students, who after a single session can apply what they learned, they can do something worth while.  Just ideas that are forever pouring our way,  Why, if we really got  carryied away we could start a shop where the skilled could coach and teach fine work carpentry, or some one can teach one apprintice woodwork in their garage, or somebody's barn,  it is amazing how far a little juice will go with occupation apple tree.  

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