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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ordinary Canadians

     This is what a fellow is doing on his land. Slowly turning his property into what seems like a special place in the woods, for the woodmen, gardens that can be participated in by visitors, also a place that old machines can be restored, the whole place designed for people in motorized wheel chairs.   The fellow has Parkinson's, and figures he may one day have to use such a chair.  He is slowly developing the trails and wants to make the place available to people stuck in their chairs, who might just want to spend a little time in natural surroundings by themselves, or fix a old cat, or pick berries,  Should be nice, likely give a lot of pleasure to those who get involved, as things will evolve, and evolving they are.  Community is build from the ground up, no way can community be dictated from the top down.  Actually, the only community in Canada is Invisible. But it is starting to happen, and if we are to survive, we need to get to critical mass.

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