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Monday, July 7, 2014

On to Ottawa, Delay.

     Two day delay, Harrison will be put off till Wed. 6pm.  A large Nursery in Victoria is closing down and we have been offered 20,000 clay planter pots and will spend tomorrow moving them. This will be useful as part of The Garden Party's Project, BC FEEDS BC IN EIGHT YEARS.  We know that if our present direction of allowing money to run our lives and governments, we are more likely to have people starving than fed in eight years.  Some of the equipment and supplies may be useful so we are taking a two day delay. This change of plans will be common, so if anyone wants to meet up with us, check this bogg out for last minute changes.
     The Journey Of The Copper will be in Penticton Today but we have no other information as to  exact time or location.

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