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Monday, July 28, 2014

More Gardens, Less Cars.

     Car bodies made out of Soy Beans do not solve anything.  Car bodies off the roads solve a lot of things.  And that is what we shell do. Drive far less. Rearrange a few little things every day, and be tenacious.  This means of course there will be a moratorium on widening roads and building more bridges. In seven or eight years the roads and streets will be almost empty of cars. The roads will still be busy with lawyers on bicycles going to water gardens and that is already happening in BC, it is amazing what goes on in a community garden. Have one in your back yard.  If you need a couple of plants to get started the government of BC, the Garden Party has Kale and Grape Vines Ready to Go, our 150 two year old vines will start producing next year. 

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