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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Good Bye Garden

     Now who in their right mind would leave a peaceful garden and go driving a vehicle all the way from the west coast of Canada 5,000k to Ottawa? Chief Beau Dick is not only doing that, but is taking his 92 year old mother and five year old grand child as well.   We will join him to give his family some support if they need any.  Some would say we are nuts to keep trying  to bring a big change to what is happening in our our world. Beau Dick wants peace and reconciliation, he wants respect for the earth.  There is never a good time to go to Ottawa, but even if no will notice this trek to Ottawa, we will know that we did our best, and will do it again if we feel it is necessary.  We hope to catch up with The Journey Of The Copper in Revelstoke.  Good bye garden, hello hot highway, for now we work on The Garden Canada could be, in case some have not noticed the invasive weeds, and the alien minds in most Governments.  Please follow what happens on this Journey.  Perhaps you could start a a walk to your centre of government, and all over the world we could walk for truth and reconciliation and take our lead from the ordinary people of the First Nations, a  family going to Ottawa to call peace and care of our environment , they are planing to arrive in Ottawa on the 27th of July.  This could be a World Spring.

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