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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden Party Agenda

     Our goal is to convert the county into a garden. One piece at a time. We have a dozen pieces that work is in progress, some are not getting much attention right now, but, as the nursery grows they will be the expansion.  We have one piece of land to look at near Victoria BC.  What we may do on this property is to invite everybody to a gathering.  And get a whole bunch of work done. Need a work out?  Gardening expert? Want to learn or teach, stay in touch, we are changing the world. With each shovel of dirt, from the ground, up, see it with your own eyes, and be a part of it's making. CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN EIGHT YEARS, now that is worthy for the NEW OLYMPICS.  Any challengers?  
     July 21st is World Day Off, feel free. to work in the Garden.

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