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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Farmed Salmon Boycott

     Stop Buying Farmed Salmon, stop working on Salmon Fish Farms.  Boycott Retail Fish Markets that sell Farmed Fish and tell them why you are boycotting them.  Farmed fish are sick, full of drugs and lice, and are a environmental problem.  If you consume Farmed salmon, and, if you are what you eat, you are sick, toxic, full of lice and a environmental problem. Simple, just stop buying and eating  Canadian Farmed Salmon wherever those sick, rotten fish are sent around the world.  
    A pass it around message from The Garden Party, Self Government of BC, Canada.  


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  2. All this stop this stop that and my head is full of stops. I want my freedom and no more partial trips into aspects . I can agree with your garden ethics but this stop buying isn't working and is not getting the job done. We need more affirmative action .