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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Canada's Serious Problem

     Every Year Millions, maybe Billions of litres of poisons are being sprayed on all the fields and crops of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  Poisons to kill weeds and bugs. These three provinces by their present agriculture practices, are killing everything, the bugs, frogs, birds, altering the entire landscape without consideration, without thinking, without guilt, knowing that we are heading toward a disaster, or better put, making a disaster. Ground water is  undrinkable in more and more areas, most of the topsoil is gone, all life is being wiped out except our food, our toxic monoculture crops. This has to change.  Even a dumb gardener can see that present methods of farming are already a disaster. Actually many farmers know that present methods are not sustainable. There are other ways, and it does not require big machines, poisons, or big bucks, but it does require a major change, now, not tomorrow. This is going to take a effort of a lot of ordinary people, do your part today.


  1. My neighbor's GMO Round Up field in St. Catharines is completely dead (even the worms) and my sister's land she bought will take 7-10 yrs before she can grow organically again. Up North in Bobcaygeon (this continent never had worms before we arrived) the topsoil was only a 1 inch layer, today, with worms helping, it is reaching 2 ft thick organically, and the black, rich, nutrients have leached another 2 ft into the sand before it turns back to just plain sand. That is the difference between organic and non-organic over a span of 150 years.

    1. thanks for the comment, as to your sisters land without seeing it or knowing more it is hard to say what would make it safe for eating again but we would likely develop new soil on top. In two years our methods are growing potatoes and peas on rock piles, and as soil builds we can plant everything in three or four years. We can also grow seed and plants to use for propagation on land if we consider it possibly unfit to eat. And of course see what you can do to change your neighbour's use of round up.