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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bigger Crew Needed

     Another few acres offered today, now have two places to look at in the Victoria area,  another place ready to start, expanding present nursery, picking up horse manure and old hay to build soil, looking for horse drawn equipment. Lots of things to get exercise, and the first cucumber and ripe tomatoes tasted good today. 
     We are ready to meet people and put together a Crew to advance all our projects, more are coming fast, if money is needed, it could be generated, and the Garden Party always has balanced books, no budget, peas in the bank vault. Want to get involved, where are you? There are 500 acres in Ontario and 400 in Manitoba that may come into play.  Looks like the Garden Party Will just grow organically, and seeing we are Gardeners Without Borders we don't feel Restrained.  

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