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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Before and after Rock Garden

     Making soil, the entire area of the Saanich nursery was boulders and rocks three years ago, It is now a very productive garden that continues to expand.  We are less than 20k from the toxic lawns of The BC Legislature in Victoria, BC.   Apparently someone in that Museum claims to be the Minister of the  Environment. If that Minister can't clean up the first step taken out of the Legislature, the whole place is a farce and a fraud. The Garden Party is giving free demonstrations on how to be a good Minister of the Enviroment. First thing, stop all permits for wholesale spraying herbicides on all provincial lands, forests, pipelines, roads, and power lines.  The proof is out, herbicides and pesticides are screwing up people and dozens of other life forms. Banning them might even create some jobs.  Second, get a shovel and dig up the lawn at your tower of babble and get the Victory Gardens Planted. To change the big picture requires a lot of little changes  Start with the lawn and be the Minister of The Enviiroment.  The Garden Party suggests organic practice,  Leave the toxins on the shelves of the big box stores.  You know, the stores where people pay to take things to throw in the garbage can. 
     July 21st,  World Buy Nothing Day. 


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