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Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Rain, No Market.

As soon as it rains and the temperature drops we will go mushroom picking, we are more productive doing gardens and preparing more ground for next year.  Need more crew to give work away, BC FEEDS BC, IN TEN YEARS, only seven and a half to go.

Need Work?

     Picked apples to make sauce and juice, but got all the work done by giving away the apples and jars to someone who wanted to do just that.  We have so much work that we are giving work away for free. We still have thousands of empty Clay Planters Pots, more apples that are crisp and good eating, more canning jars, even gallon jugs for juice. Drop by and get some free work, with all kinds of benefits. 5090 West Saanich Rd, just outside Victoria BC. Tour a constantly changing garden, making soil, planting, and harvesting every day, 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Oregon Grape Ripe

South part of Vancouver Island. Easy to pick, tart, make jelly or syrup, look it up. May be low in pectin, could try cooking with green apples and blackberries. Picked Peaches and apples today. Crop is better this year, more bugs and bees for pollination since we kicked Monsanto off all lands we are caretaking. Pull your investments out of Monsanto, the mighty are not to big to fall and that is one Santo that has to go in the compost.  Filled more Planter Pots and tried to keep out of the sun, 29 today, some baked apples on the trees. 
     Low Bush Oregon Grapes, eat a handful fresh for an experience.
    Shallots, rye, garlic.

War For Peace

     Every innocent killed will add fuel to the hate,  Israel's Decision Makers, with support of the USA Military Industry and Canada's Harper, should all be composted.  There is no justifying war as a means to achieve a peaceful garden anywhere.  Ukraine, obviously some, or most people were dissatisfied with their elected government and enough public pressure forced a corrupt leader (most are) off the high chair. Some of the people wanted closer ties with the EU, others wanted to keep their ties with Russia. Strategically Putin wanted to keep Crimea under Russian control, and that is understandable, and apparently most of the folks in that area preferred keeping ties with Russia. More parts of the Ukraine, mostly Russian speaking feel more connected to Russia than the EU. Obama claims that self determination for Ukraine people the reason for sanctions against all Russians.  Self determination for the Ukraine people who prefer EU and no self determination for those who prefer Russia. What is the problem, put down the guns, and let the people decide who gets their potatoes, Russia  or the EU  Why are the Governments of Canada and USA sticking their noses in Eastern Europe's root cellars, seems like they have plenty of hot potatoes at home m

Harper's Aid To Mongolia

     Mongolia is Resource Rich, and Canadian Mining Companies are there rip off the goodies. So is China and Russia.  Much of the population has been displaced from herding, and now live in poverty. So Harper is giving out some Aid while Chinese and Canadian companies displace people, pollute the land and drain the aquifers. Normal procedure, leave the mess behind and stop the Aid as soon as there is nothing left to exploit. Mongolia Beware of Aid From Harper's Government of Canada, the Aid will come with strings that will cost you dearly. The Aid is not intended for your health.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Canada's Arab Spring

     Slower but gaining ground every day. No point in casting out dictators without replacing the also defunct infrastructure. Putting in place a evolving form of Government outside the influence and control of money from the grass roots, we are taking responsibility and gaining trust and cooperation of more people who also want to bring about the changes necessary to sustain life in Peace. When the critical mass is reached, taking over Government 'to the People' and converting to Government 'of, by, and for the people' will be a easy or at least a easier transition, as we will have a working model. This Idea is taking root in BC, Canada, and is being considered by folks across the country, with interest from dozens of countries around the world. It can be developed even under the most oppressive and money controlled governments, and is unstoppable. This invisible movement, since it done by individual action or non action, requires no organized membership. Decisions can be made on how to move forward by anyone, one action leads to another.  We are well on our way in BC.  The fly wheel of old ways is coming undone, and new ways in all fields of endeavour are coming into play. Regardless of attempts of old power structures to retain their present unsustainable positions, they are all headed to the compost pile, after that process even they will be beneficial in The Garden.

Occupation Duncan BC

     5 acres in Duncan, First Nations starting a garden, Raspberry canes left this morning to get things started. BC Feeds BC as the Garden Party gets rooted in yet another Vancouver Island Community.  There is no question, just about everybody wants to get gardens started, seeds, plants, advice, and even physical help are available from our main garden and nursery at 5090 West Saanich Rd, Victoria. If you are coming from a distance good to make a appointment. 604 928 3663, Louis. Or And take note, Aug 21st, Is World Park Your Car Day, Buy Nothing Day, End War Day, Take a Holiday Day, Gardening is Good Day.

More Gardens, Less Cars.

     Car bodies made out of Soy Beans do not solve anything.  Car bodies off the roads solve a lot of things.  And that is what we shell do. Drive far less. Rearrange a few little things every day, and be tenacious.  This means of course there will be a moratorium on widening roads and building more bridges. In seven or eight years the roads and streets will be almost empty of cars. The roads will still be busy with lawyers on bicycles going to water gardens and that is already happening in BC, it is amazing what goes on in a community garden. Have one in your back yard.  If you need a couple of plants to get started the government of BC, the Garden Party has Kale and Grape Vines Ready to Go, our 150 two year old vines will start producing next year. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Corporate Foods Collapsing

    Pull Investments out of Canadian Corporate Food Stores, the Garden Party is starting yet another garden as demand has come in from a three year old today. He wants Raspberries and Peas at his house, we will get right on it and start preparing a Garden in his yard. He helped planted eight pea seed today and was hooked on Gardening. Young Gardeners in Victoria BC, we have room to grow right out of Toxic Corporate Foods, one tomatoe at a time.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

World Party Rooting in Spain.

     The Garden Party is growing into Spain, groundwork is being done in BC Canada, and we expect to be underground in Spain by Spring. The Agenda is the same, Gardeners are taking over the world with Shovels and demanding all weapons be converted to garden tools. A World Order to Dead Brain Cells looking for Peace through the sights of a gun.
     Another message from the Garden Party, one uplifting shovel of dirt at a time.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Military Mind

     Training to take orders. Always follow orders. Do what you are told. Deadheads are in the military. Military demands lower rank follow orders. At least some part of giving up your right to say no, must mean  that at least part of the brain is dead, or it  simply stops functioning, Taking Orders From Authority.  The Military are made  'of the people', but 'for the authority'. And are often used 'against the people' when seats of power get worried their control is disappearing. We in The Garden Party Are Marching Off to Peace, with a shovel, and sometimes a Pitchfork. We have two new pieces of dirt to take at shovel point next week, make plans, find army, turn the dirt, start the work. We would like to have a full time crew who can order themselves around.  That's a Order, from The West Saanich Community Garden, Victoria, BC.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Canada's Invisible Terrorists

    They go around the world making enemies for us, and of us, because they are constantly stating that they are speaking for all Canadians calling other masses of people terrorists. Sometimes one wonders, do only nuts get to run countries, or do they go nuts when get a power seat. No attempt to listen to Both Sides, The Harper Mob is not recognized as The Government of Canada by The Garden Party. Break a shovel on their steps and declare Self Government. 

Bigger Crew Needed

     Another few acres offered today, now have two places to look at in the Victoria area,  another place ready to start, expanding present nursery, picking up horse manure and old hay to build soil, looking for horse drawn equipment. Lots of things to get exercise, and the first cucumber and ripe tomatoes tasted good today. 
     We are ready to meet people and put together a Crew to advance all our projects, more are coming fast, if money is needed, it could be generated, and the Garden Party always has balanced books, no budget, peas in the bank vault. Want to get involved, where are you? There are 500 acres in Ontario and 400 in Manitoba that may come into play.  Looks like the Garden Party Will just grow organically, and seeing we are Gardeners Without Borders we don't feel Restrained.  

Advice To Ukraine Government

     You have a simple dispute in your country, and your first action should be serious dialogue with people you only recently called your fellow citizens. Instead you choose force. Even if by force you gain back the areas occupied by once fellow citizens, mostly Russian speaking, you will have a long lasting unhappy people.  Their past ties of association, trade and exchange not to mention a common language has been mostly with Russia.
     Your present government would not have existed had not a large number of Ukrainians Speaking and Russian Speaking fellow citizens demanded a corrupt leader retire to the Garden.  Unfortunately with the changing of one head you may have replaced it with one that may lead to much blood and destruction with long term suffering.
     Many Russian Speaking Ukrainians     have felt left out by Ukraine's corrupt government, common complaint around the world. And they don't want to cut their ties with Russia, Nor should anyone tell them, or force them to cut their best connections. So park your stupid jets, and relax, no more will get shot down. Borders are another dumb idea, certainly not worth killing over. 
     If you want to call the present government of Ukaine valid, gained by popular protest, it is odd that others in popular protest are called invalid, and terrorists, when they want the same right, the right to choose. They are not attacking.  We suggest that the people that threw out the last government head, now throw out the present head and replace the whole machine.  No lives have to be lost. We have enough problems in this world that we should be addressing.  Everybody, take your guns, planes and tanks and go home and dig a garden. Don't be led into killing by Dead Brain Cells, possibly due to the use of pesticides.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Canada's Serious Problem

     Every Year Millions, maybe Billions of litres of poisons are being sprayed on all the fields and crops of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  Poisons to kill weeds and bugs. These three provinces by their present agriculture practices, are killing everything, the bugs, frogs, birds, altering the entire landscape without consideration, without thinking, without guilt, knowing that we are heading toward a disaster, or better put, making a disaster. Ground water is  undrinkable in more and more areas, most of the topsoil is gone, all life is being wiped out except our food, our toxic monoculture crops. This has to change.  Even a dumb gardener can see that present methods of farming are already a disaster. Actually many farmers know that present methods are not sustainable. There are other ways, and it does not require big machines, poisons, or big bucks, but it does require a major change, now, not tomorrow. This is going to take a effort of a lot of ordinary people, do your part today.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Best Deal For Your Land.

     Occupation Apple Tree will take any farmland available and turn it into a garden. We will increase the farm topsoil, and not poison it with herbicides and pesticides. All improvements will remain with the farm when we leave, or when requested to leave, should that happen. Our Goal is to achieve food self produced, at a local level, not to own the land or the production like corporate farms poisoning every inch of ground across the Canadian Prairie.
      We design our gardens with respect for all life forms. Some lands may be more important to leave for a nearly extinct wild chicken.  And we want Harper to stay out of there with his shovel, when somebody gives him one. The sooner the better, and we do hold Harper in the same bag as all the worlds leaders for sticking their noises into creating the mess in Ukraine thus also being responsible for the deaths of the people shot down in that jet. Let people settle their own problems, or do you prefer a world war?  What kind of nuts do we have as leaders?  Start wars and send the poor from all sides to fight each other while the profiteers can stay out of reach and spend their money.  A poor people's strike, that might be what we need to shut down all war and war mongers. Go on strike, why not July 22th, why have another bad day when you can have a good day in the garden.

Garden Party Agenda

     Our goal is to convert the county into a garden. One piece at a time. We have a dozen pieces that work is in progress, some are not getting much attention right now, but, as the nursery grows they will be the expansion.  We have one piece of land to look at near Victoria BC.  What we may do on this property is to invite everybody to a gathering.  And get a whole bunch of work done. Need a work out?  Gardening expert? Want to learn or teach, stay in touch, we are changing the world. With each shovel of dirt, from the ground, up, see it with your own eyes, and be a part of it's making. CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN EIGHT YEARS, now that is worthy for the NEW OLYMPICS.  Any challengers?  
     July 21st is World Day Off, feel free. to work in the Garden.