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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Way to go, King of Spain.

     Coming down a step.  Smart, take a few more steps, we know most high chair holders believe they somehow are more than a Gardener, not true. Considering that humans have just come out of the stone age a few thousand years ago with some pretty strange concepts, it is understandable. We know how difficult it is to drop a belief that is constantly being reinforced from birth to death.  We no longer have God-kings, well, maybe a couple, but that was once a concept that was common.  We still have Royalty, but that is now recognized for being nonsense by most reasoning people.  The Pope is no longer infallible,  even the Pope would admit that. As history has shown, the concept of superior man was a con job started  by a con artist of some sort. The data isn't all in yet as just who started this mess but you can be sure our relatives were involved, and, protesters were harshly dealt with, so there are less of those relatives.  
     The latest con job is privilege over others by another concept, money.  Just like God Kings, rules apply.  Big Money sits at the top of the food chain, Middle Money serves Big Money, Little Money serves everybody.   No Money and Protesters are generally kicked around, displaced, starved or eradicated. How many in refugee camps, shanty towns, on the street, in prisons, or slowly starved to death today while fifty percent of food produced is wasted.  To a Gardener this is bad.  50% of harvested food, all the energy wasted, packaging, refrigeration, transportation, see it all when you buy what does get eaten, all meats and even farmed fish are given drugs of some form, is that why people are putting up with this insanity, they are brain dead?. We believe, (therefor don't know) that Gardening can revive dead brain cells, but we need to do a larger sample of more people in our Scientific Study to be certain that Gardening can restore Sanity, it's a long shot, but when it's this crazy, why not go nuts in a Garden. 


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