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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Victoria BC Landfill

     Who knew going through the trash could be so depressing? 
     It's one thing to get your annual tax bill for garbage collection, and forget about it until next year.  But it's an entirely different experience seeing exactly where your money is wasted by taking a tour of Hartland Dump. Former Heal Lake.  
     But Hartland is not called a dump, it's a engineered sanitary landfill.  The meaning of the word sanitary used to mean clean,  now it means dirty and Toxic, all dumps are toxic, dirty places and will be toxic and dirty no matter how many rubber sheets put under and over them.
     The Capital Regional District managing the Dump has completely failed to reduce the impact of the dump on our land, in our water and in the air we breath. They may slow down the toxins from getting out in the environment, but mix the 80,000 chemicals, and there are in every dump, it will not remain contained nor will is it be sanitary. 
     Yes, you can cover it and plant flowers on it, and animals will live on top of a buried Dump but people won't.  It's nice to see Victoria's solid waste is in really good hands, of the brain dead people who have been running the district for the last 30 years. All dumps should have been shut down at least 30 years ago, since some of us knew what needed to be done and how to do it 30 years ago.  We tried to show the CRD, and even Blocked the road to Heal Lake when the draining started.  Even now we can redirect 90% of what goes into the Dump, but the easier method would be to quit making garbage.  Fire 90% of the CRD might be a good place to start to stop the waste.  
     This is a rewrite of June 20 article, "Landfill  more than a 'dump'."  A Peninsula News Review found in a sanitary trash can.  

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