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Friday, June 20, 2014

Two Years Jail For Dog Beating.

     The Animal Rights people wanted To jail a young man the max, five years for cruelly beating a dog in Ontario, Canada. Likely frustrated, life the pits, in a rut, who knows.  Who knows how much a prison sentence is going to improve his life. Jail is not a teacher of how to do better.
     There are hundreds,  if not thousands of Canadians,  who kill living creatures slowly and painfully to death everyday,  they are not charged and sent to jail.  The sticky traps that people put inside and outside for mice also catch Snakes, Frogs, and Lizards.  They can live for days and weeks before they die. Mice and birds don't live as long, but for them it is torture.  They are often thrown in the trash alive.  Two Years in Jail for all the users, sellers, transporters, distributors, and manufacturers, or would five years be better.  Take the sticky tape traps off the market. 

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