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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tired of Talking to Gov.

     How many years have you known solutions to our social and environment problems?  Solutions to little things, and big things.  How many times have your warnings about polluting land, water, and air been ignored?  How long have some of us been Warning of over fishing, and the harm caused by the farmed salmon fishing industry, warning of monoculture and bad forest and farming practices?  Warnings that are being ignored for growth and Corporate Profits.
    The world has changed and slow learners cannot be given the power to dictate.  We are calling on Harper to resign, and,  if we have to go to Ottawa to give him a shovel, we have one for him.  If your present Government does not represent you, and you want them to retire, let them know. The Garden Party would like Mr Harper to know that he does not speak for all Canadians. Most Canadians do not want jobs  for extraction of public resources to take priority over the environmental concerns no matter how much growth and money is made by a handful of people.  Most Canadians do not want more War Jets and War Ships.
     Plant your garden and water it, see you in Ottawa.

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