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Monday, June 30, 2014

Taking Over Governments

      All seats of power corrupt.  Look up the 244 countries in the world and find a story of corruption in progress by all their governments. There is less corruption by top brass of the Hells Angels, than there is in most governments, including Canada. So it is concluded; Seats of Power,  are a major problem.  The people have to now develop a new form of Government, with out Power Seats. Let the new structure develop organically. Each Gardener forms their own government from the base of "the garden".  We work and develop the means to free ourselves from supporting the suicide direction of our Government Power Seats.  Even our oldest gardener grows excess, we are getting control of our food supply one garden at a time, and we want an end of war. The Garden Party is calling for a Emergency Response, of 100,000 Shovels to head for Ottawa and dig in, after  planting a garden, NO MORE WAR.  Ready for Ottawa, pull your garlic, polish your shovel. The rest is up to you.

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