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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Profits Before Human Life

      CEO s consider their job is to make maximum profits for the investors of the Corporations they are managing. Make Money. End of Story.
      With Corporations taking over every aspect of our lives, how we communicate, what we wear, what we play, what we eat, think, not think, driving the world to self destruct, The Garden Party is getting ready to start A Historic Journey to Democracy, if it can get past Sask., Manitoba will be a breeze,  We figure a rake, shovel, and hoe, for Harper, Baird and McKay should give them a clear message. 
     Trip is unstructured, but will start this week, we will see if we have enough steam to get this train rolling. While we are pull out a few weeds out, might as well compost the corporate made free trade deals and kick Monsanto out of the country. Watering the Garden.

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