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Friday, June 27, 2014

Pot And Rock Garden

     Our Pot Rock Garden is in transition. As soil accumulates filling the spaces between the boulders and rocks too heavy to move, more plants are going directly in the ground..   This year the number of pots planted is about 800.  More are planted weekly. Potted plants also have left here almost everyday, No record, but over 300.  We have managed at the same time to increase the size and variety at our Nursery, with a lot more for seed and to eat. Gardening is a pleasure for some people.
       We are quite sure that if the People of Ukraine would ignore all agreements made by their coin operated politicians,  get out in the Garden and do a little Rock and Roll and Dig in, they would realize, there is only one union that will work.  If you don't know what union that is, pick up a shovel and dig for enlightenment.

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