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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pollinators In Danger

     Threatening pollinators extermination:  monoculture, Monsanto round up ready seeds, destruction of natural habitat, pesticides, herbicide spraying on pipe lines, hydro lines, railway tracks, golf courses, forests of British Columbia, highways of BC, and lawns.  If the bugs die off, so do bugs that eat bugs, and birds and frogs that eat those bugs.  Not to even bother to mention all the foods we eat thanks to the bugs pollinating all those flowers. That means less food for people, no doubt about that. To avoid this disaster the solution is quite simple: End massive Monoculture, go to garden farming, shut down Monsanto, buy absolutely nothing that they profit one penny from, boycott all business that handle their death products, stop spraying toxic herbicides and pesticides on our gardens, forests, highways, lawns, school yards, and pipelines already built. Shut those things down and the pollinators, birds, turtles, and fish will increase.  The quality of food will be better and yield higher..  Which means medical problems and hunger will decrease.  Less pain and hunger is Good.

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