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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pipelines or No Pensions

     That is one of tactics the Minister of Fear and Non-sense of Harper's Government to get brain dead people to support pipelines. Poison another major river with tar sands pollution, and get trillions of imaginary numbers to make a totally corrupt monetary system last a few more years.  The time has come to for us all to do the big shift and take our medicine full strength.  Corporations are no friend of the environment or people. Under close observation, deception, waste and corruption is taking place at every level of Government, all Political Parties, all financial institutions, and most businesses in Canada. Trash the environment to make wasteful, useless jobs.  And pay so little for jobs in Agriculture that we need to bring in slave workers from elsewhere. 
     Occupy Government by being Government, taking back personnel control and personnel responsibility. The Garden Party is in the process of a complete change now and must be close to The Hundredth Monkey. 

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