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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Olympics in Compost

     Finally the Olympics are crashing.  They are a money generating machine for some few, a pain in the rear pocket for the rest.  Pumped up gladiators with pumped up dead brain celled followers, advertising agents have a picnic in the garden of the mind.  
     Ads today target children from birth.  This is molestation of children. It is deliberate for long term monetary gain, an invasion of children's minds. Most often done with fictitious characters, produced by fictitious characters working for,  Corporate junk food peddlers, Corporate garbage makers, fashion industries, and all the resources and infrastructure workers. Jobs jobs jobs, buy buy buy, hurry up and get nothing done other than a social and environmental mess.   To the compost gladiators, advertisers, new junk dealers, waste paper makers, and pipelines.  
     The Garbage Guru is Hot to go to Ottawa to Compost the Three Pertenders in Ottawa, Just Need 9996 more to get going on our Historical Journey towards Democracy.  Watering the garden all day, more to do, ate a beet, a carrot, new potatoes, and green stuff, nice having a garden. The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Declares:  That Harper could better serve Canadians by digging a garden and planting potatoes.

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