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Monday, June 16, 2014

Occupation Wells BC

     Plans are now being drawn up for a small steel smelter in the Wells BC  Area, yes the Garden Party wants quality garden tools and there is plenty enough steel in the bush around here after more than a hundred years chasing shiny yellow stones.  Little smelters around the province to take care of local needs.  The Idea is at least 35 years old, work to start with a kind of blacksmith shop, with a foundry, and put it into production. Replacement parts for museum pieces could be a bread earner locally, as well as a educational tool.  Large amounts of waste wood that is just burned off from the terrible forestry practices all around the area, are a possible fuel, at least this way we are getting some value out of the resources we presently waste..  
     Small scale steel smelters are now being looked into, it is just another step away from Corporate Control to local control.  Garden Party Policy and Direction is to establish local community control, to those activities needed for a self sustaining community. 
     Our agricultural research gardens started in Wells last year have  quadrupled this year, we expect IN EIGHT YEARS, BC FEEDS BC.  And Wells BC Feeds Wells BC. Get things growing where ever you are, food security is local supply, MYTOWN FEEDS MYTOWN, YOURTOWN FEEDS YOURTOWN, wilh a little extra, for emergency response.

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