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Friday, June 27, 2014

Oil Drilling Waste Water.

      One of our spies heard a rumour that there are no regulations for pumping liquid hazardous waste underground that goes down 500 meters.  That is what is happening somewhere around Fort Nelson, BC.  Apparently this may have been going on for a long time.  How deep the toxins are being pumped , our spies guess is between one and two thousand meters, and at a conservative estimated rate of 40 litres a second, 2400 litres a minute, 144,000 litres a hour, 3,456,000 a day, every day for the last 15 years, not sure on that last fact, it may have been going on for 30 years or even longer, and the volume may be higher.  Lots of contaminated water from fracking and tar sands, even radium and who knows what else is getting pumped down? Is this another disaster we are passing on to the future?  How many more places are we doing this? Michigan?  Another Eastern State?  A  Southern State?  Alberta Tar sands?  Our Spies have been to busy Gardening to get all the details, but our weekly leeks are accurate at least 52% of the time.
      We were also wondering what the effect would be if the trillions of litres of toxic waste pressure pumped underground should blow out the surface? Would it contaminate all the rivers and lakes up north.  Maybe.
      Maybe we need more local gardening and less driving.

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