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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laying The Groundwork.

     The change is taking place, where we go, we lay a stepping stone and plant some things.  This gives us access to continue to the next action.  Always looking for locals to incorporate into our actions, to create local food supplies with some excess that could be exchanged with the larger community, or given to whoever needs food due to climate change, destroyed  crops, and war. Which we are getting rid of as we get rid of all the military industries. Take your own local action, BC FEEDS BC IN EIGHT YEARS.  Canada Converts Military to Emergency Response In Eight Years.
      Stromville Community Gardens Has Started. First plants were started last year.  Plans, always changeable are being made to develop Experimental Gardens, and propagate food plants suitable for the short seasons of Northern BC.  There is still snow on the ground, and we are eating from the garden now.  Deluxe Nettles and Mineral and Vitamin Rich Dandelions.  Chives are up with rhubarb coming.  Transplanting a few kale and things.  
      Work will also get started to restore a old log cabin,  and use it as well, to house visiting workers, or whatever.  Our first emergency response house? Maybe?  We might also set up a temporary food dryer, to be moved before winter, end of Sept.  It can be used to dry herbs, mushrooms, and local natural berries.  Some of that will happen here this year.  This is a community beneficial project, tourists are welcome to participate.

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