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Monday, June 9, 2014

Jobs Before Enviroment

So we drove Harper to clearly state where he stands, he stands for: jobs before environmental concerns, growth of economy (money), even if what we are doing is killing ourselves. Justifying his decisions by pointing his finger at other countries while Canadians are the biggest polluters in the world.  When we have a Democracy, how come we end up people, like Harper buying War Jets, against public desires, they don't serve the well being of the general public, they do include those who perpetrate theft of publicly owned resources with the blessing of Canada's First Pope Harper. The Garden Party, states: Harper Resign your seat and go away. And as for that PM from Australia who thinks you are great, he may be getting tips on how to get His Agenda past his public.  We are not interested in living in a police state forced into a lifestyle dictated by corporate capitalists.  Taking care of a few things, this may the beginning of ON TO OTTAWA.    

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