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Monday, June 9, 2014

Jet Purchase Decision Final

      The Garden Party of Canada's Panel Of Experts on the Purchase of Fighter Jets is Final, no more jets, war is hell, and being a Democracy, the majority of Canadians,  according to our own Polish Gardener, believe, the  people that want the fighter Jets are just as insane (communicable disease) as those who make and profit from them.  The best cure for this type of illness is a rake, shovel and hoe.  JUNE 21st, is World Without War Day.  The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment insists that all war industries come to a grinding halt. Evolve instead of going Extinct.  Bring a shovel to present to our Corporate run Government and dig out what bears rotten fruit, or prepare to eat it.  Military solutions are no solutions anywhere, stop it now.  Water Your Garden, start a train to Ottawa.

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